Up2Team - corporate portal for distance learning of personnel

An enterprise portal for eLearning to create effective online courses and manage web-based learning


E-Learning is a unique online learning system that has been successfully used by many companies and organizations for many years. The role of the program is not limited to teaching alone. With the help of 'E-Learning' you will be able to train employees, improve their qualifications and monitor the knowledge of employees in any field

  • Scalability

    Easily scales for any task

  • Controlling

    Control at any stage of training or testing

  • Report

    Any form of training progress reports

  • Simplicity

    The system is intuitive and easy to use

  • Flexibility

    Classes can be combined in any convenient way (for example, by department, technology or direction)

  • Controllability

    Lesson management is centralized - when composing a new one or changing a created one, all students and teachers have access to all new changes and updates

  • Control

    Automatic control allows you to monitor the progress of classes in real time

  • Integration

    Simple and fast integration with systems using LDAP


How it works?

Class creation

The administrator creates a 'class' in the system to which he adds employees

Creating classes

The administrator creates the necessary classes in the corresponding 'classes'

Passage of training

Employees take classes and take a test at the end of the training

Obtaining a certificate

Upon successful passing of the test, the system automatically issues the employee a certificate of completion of the training.

Rent price

Product rental cost for partners


€249 (plus VAT 19%) / month
  • up to 25 users
  • Default design
  • Online trainings
  • Free email support *
  • Personal training surcharge **
  • Own functionality surcharge ***
  • Create your own training at an additional cost ***


€399 (plus VAT 19%) / month
  • up to 50 users
  • Standard design with your own logo
  • Online training courses
  • Free email support*
  • Free phone support *
  • Personal training with a 10% discount **
  • Own functionality with 10% discount ***


€549 (plus VAT 19%) / month
  • up to 75 users
  • Company design with your own logo
  • Online training courses
  • Free email support*
  • Free phone support *
  • Offline support surcharge **
  • Personal training with a 25% discount **
  • Own functionality with 25% discount ***
  • Create your own training courses with a 25% discount ***

* - In regular working hours in Germany. Only possible on weekends and public holidays by prior arrangement.
** - Hourly rate or flat rate refers to volume of work.
*** - Hourly price or flat rate refers to work volume and reusability for the entire system.

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